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Re: X Proposal

* tytso@mit.edu wrote:
>    Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 22:20:56 -0500
>    From: "Robert W. Current" <current@hel-inc.com>
>    I propose X, in a full useable implementation be a "Level 2" LSB
>    compliant standard.
>    This will allow LSB "Level 2" to be more useful to software developers
>    who wish to provide X applications.
> Do we really think that any distributions will not be shipping X
> libraries?  Personally, I can't believe it.  X is simply too
> fundamental.  Certainly the default case will be that X will be
> supplied.
> I don't think the complexity and the resulting user confusion about
> "Level 1" vs "level 2" requiring applications, and "level 1" vs "level
> 2" requiring distributions, is worth it.

Having "LSB compliant" sticked on a software package that requires Gnome
or KDE in this or that version and sound and whatnot to run is
meaningless. Either the LSB has to specify everything under the sun or
it has to narrow itself down to a base and let things like X or Gnome or
KDE to other specifications, which then can depend on LSB further
down. Say "Linux X Base" and on that "Linux Application Base" or "Linux
GUI Base". 

Has anyone asked people from XFree86 or Gnome or KDE if they want to be
embraced by LSB? Plain X libraries aren't the problem today and if
LSB-compliant means "has X libraries" this is a joke, since this is not
enough for any recent application. Enough for being able to run Emacs in
an X window, yes. But Gnome, KDE, jpeg, fonts (what about TrueType? Yes,
this is not "X", but applications will start to depend on them. Include
that in LSB?), support for funny pointer devices... LSB will either
explode or it will be meaningless if it tries to embrace all that.

I would say: Narrow it down to a base system. LSB should be limited to
describe a system that boots and runs, where you can build other things
up on, but not more. Then one could build a "Linux X Base" on top of
that, which starts with "required: LSB-compliance" and doesn't has to
care for the base system. And so on.


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