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LSB Advocacy

I feel there is a large potential problem with LSB public relations.  I
would like to volunteer to read through and help "flame proof" some of
the wording of LSB goals and policy.

I feel that the correct "first impression" made on the public that
coincides with the first implementation of the LSB will be critical in
it's acceptance.  And I feel I have some experience in identifying the
holes, hot issues, and "touchy" points in the how the Linux community
reacts to standards issues.

I would like to be able to help avoid some potential pitfalls that could
result from choosing the wrong wording when describing the LSB to the
public, because I feel that the underlying foundation of the LSB will be
very beneficial to Linux as a whole.  I want to help make the public see
the benefits of the LSB, and see it for it's merits rather than just
have a knee jerk reaction to the application of a standardization effort
to a dynamic growing software community.

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