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On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Philip Rackus wrote:

> I've been following this thread closely, and I'm wondering if there isn't room
> for compromise.
> If everyone agrees that eventually the goal of the LSB is to define different
> level of standards, how much extra time would it take to define a base spec
> (without X) called ..say LSB 1.0, and the spec including X called LSB 1.1 ?  In
> this scenario 1.0 would basically be a subset of the 1.1 - so a distribution
> that is 1.1 certified would by default be 1.0 certified as well.
> (This isn't flame bait, just a request for information)

In this particular example, The work for X is essentially already done. The
argument about size has some merit, but the argument about leaving X out
becasue it requires more work isn't true.

The hard part is the work that has to be done for the "base" part.


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