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On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 10:08:51PM -0500, djb@redhat.com wrote:
> Well, damn....not all ISVs need bash, either.  What's your point?  Most
> do need X.  Deal.

Could there be profiles of LSB?

I see a number of purposes where X is not needed, notably the
server market. On the other hand I do agree that most Linux boxes
would need X, for ISVs to prepare their software in a portable way.

So we could have 

1. LSB graphical (with X)
2. LSB shell (without x)

I note that from a customer view it would not make sense to want to
install a package requiring X, if X was not already installed.
So in practice it would not matter if X was not installed
on such a system.

Keld Simonsen

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