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* Jeffrey Watts <watts@jayhawks.net> wrote:
> I think you are confusing "RPM" and "Red Hat".  RPM doesn't force packages
> to be in /usr.   In fact, RPM supports relocatable packages, and a well
> written /etc/rpmrc can overcome many differences between distributions.

RPM has no way to tell between "system software" and "totally
unimportant stuff". A package is a package is a package. That's the
problem. And RPMs can support relocatable packages only in so far as the
software it carries; if this software has hardcoded paths in it, this is
meaningless. This won't change to soon, so either one has to accept this
/usr-bloat or has to specify where things should go to. If you say "hey,
you can decide yourself, it's relocatable" you don't need standards at


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