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On 15 Mar 2000, Jochem Huhmann wrote:

> Debian is at least here in Europe quite common (although I personally
> do know Redhat better, I've only recently started to use Debian more
> often) and it is not enough just to have a "standard", it also has to
> make sense.

I agree, but a common package format is desirable, and RPM is adequate
enough technically, and it has the dominant mindshare.  It makes an
excellent choice for a standard.

> RPM imposes this /usr-bloat, since packages seldom make differences
> between "system as delivered" and absolutely unimportant stuff.

I think you are confusing "RPM" and "Red Hat".  RPM doesn't force packages
to be in /usr.   In fact, RPM supports relocatable packages, and a well
written /etc/rpmrc can overcome many differences between distributions.

> This is a discussion list and opinions are welcomed on most discussion
> lists.

I agree, and I should have worded my reply differently.  I probably should
have stated instead that more people would take his ideas seriously if
they were more clearly laid out and complete with a suggested
implementation.  I for one found them very hard to follow.


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