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Re: Configuration

See comments below

Adam Rotaru wrote:
>   Hi!  This is follow-up on Steven's previous message, on system
> configuration files, registry.  (Unfortunatelly I lost the original
> posting, with the original message and Steve's email address).
>   First, I think this discussion is a bit off topic, since I think the
> main purpose of the LSB is to find a common nominator between _existing_
> technologies, not to propose new ones.  However...

The post started out as a query for what is currently being considered
for the configuration standard, but turned into a project description
before I realized it.  I tried to search the archives but the search
feature on the archives appears to be broken.  Anyways, I am sorry to
bug everyone with irrelevant posts, my ideas won't work unless existing
applications are modified.
>   Reading the suggestion, I remembered reading about a Configuration
> Cache a few days ago.  The upcoming version of the K Destktop Environment
> (KDE) had a config file management/cache sytem library.  I think it is an
> interesting idea.  It is called KSyCoCa (from System Configuration Cache).

This sounds very interesting, I will have a look at it.
>   The problem it tries to solve is that as configuration files of KDE
> applications grow, it takes some time to process them at startup.  To keep
> the convinence of text config file, the configuration files are read and
> monitored, and converted to a binary cache.  This is transparent to
> the applications, as they just have to interface with the system library.

This was not my intention (although it is a good idea).  My intention
was to make the parsing of ALL configuration files possible with minimal
effort by a human or by a configuration utility such as linuxconf. 
Right now, there are many different formats for config files, and most
of them require different algorithms to parse through them, resulting in
an unnecessary learning curve for each application.
>   regards,
>     Adam

Thanks for the heads up, Adam.  I will start the project, get it out in
the world, and then approach the LSB for inclusion.


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