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Re: FHS & /cdrom

> > It is alsways hard to follow guidlines because the real-life-world does
> > something else but it should be possible to define a standard and to follow
> > it.
> Certainly. But we shouldn't standardise things that just don't *matter*.
> Again, we *could* standardise this, and make it a touch easier to
> move from one system to another. But then we might as well standardise
> root's prompt, only allow one window manager (after all, logging into
> Enlightenment can be a shock for someone used to twm, or vice-versa),
> and so on. I just don't see the point.
	the question is who hard do we stick to the FHS ?
	I say we shall stick hard as possible, while your idea
	is to keep things floating.
	I see multiple temporaly mounts are a problem but allowing
	/cdrom will cause /floppy (and others) to follow.

> And as far as third-parties go, they shouldn't care whether I've got a CD
> or not -- if I'm going to install something, I'm going to use dpkg or rpm
> to do it, so I'll need to tell the vendor's tool where my CD is, not the
> third-party.
	my fear is that when we will relax standards like the FHS eg
	allowing the introduction or new subdirs at root. some 3party
	will start a /3party. i only have to look at certain systems
	here (W*) where everything add a new dir to the root.
	my idea is to mail the fhs-list that we will support the
	standard and describe the problem. maybe they will add a 
	/var/mnt/ (or /cdrom).

> > Distribution like SUSE, READHAT (and ... ) are also a modell for
> > others. in case they introduce something new others will follow.
> (The arguments I've heard for /cdrom instead of /mnt/cdrom are mainly that
> /mnt is habitually used for temporary mounts, which means you can't get to
> /mnt/cdrom anymore. And presumably people who've adminned Unix systems for
> fifteen years would rather just keep their current habits and use /cdrom,
> than have to remember to use /mnt/mnt instead of just /mnt, or some such.)

	maybe i am a bit blind at this topic but i already had that
	problem that certain sysadmins started to introduce new
	dirs on the root.


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