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Re: Desktop normalizationy

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Greg S. Hayes wrote:

> If the lsb committies decide to add standards like desktop enviroments
> to linux we should probably create several levels of lsb compliance.

I am glad to see that generally there is agreement or kind of similar
thinking on the issue. Absolutely there is a need for some very basic lsb,
the one which you will find on *any* linux machine. But at the same time
there is a need for interoperability on higher levels - including, but not
limited to desktop. Layered (or modular) standard with optional parts
could do the trick without excluding anybody.

> One
> for the basics (the minimal linux) and others extending from there. If
> we don't do this we could rule out some linux machines from being
> considered linux (like the cli only web/file servers running on 486s
> around my house:)

Main server in my company is also CLI only, I do not need anything more. 
But at the same time if user sat at one workstation with GUI and found
different environment controlled in a different way than on the other
workstation with GUI then there would be some serious problems. There
at least needs to be a way to switch this environment quickly and

> We should also be VERY VERY carefull that we don't end
> up favoring one desktop over another... 

Absolutely. That is the worst thing that can be done. We don't need
favoring - but unfortunately we need interoperability on more than basic
level. It is vitally necessary. Or else we will see rerun of 'How Unix Was
Fractured' soap opera. 

>all kinds of hell would break
> loose :) 


 Marcin Krol

Hiroshima 45                   Tschernobyl 86                      Windows 95

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