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Re: Desktop normalizationy

I got this from you:
> > > All that is needed other than that is a standard way to interface to "add
> > > this to rootmenu/toolbar" that can be used to update _all_ window manager
> > > data from fvwm to enlightenment as well as kde/gnome.
> > 
> > That's what I mean. *All* of them. What users (I think) would love to see
> > is to have particular layout of their menus, settings, etc.  transferred
> > as seamlessly as possible to another wm when they decide to give it a try.
> Well Gnome/KDE almost share format which is a good start. I need to document
> it and submit it I suppose

Yes the "lnk" files are very similar. Mime type resolution seems
to be done from the magic file and this, and for some apps from the
mime_types file. Do we not need a unified mime repository?

The only other thing which the LSB may want to touch on as a recommendation
only is "feel", so that whatever toolkit people use, whatever windowmanager
people use, destroy means clean application, help means a browser pops
up with help, about gives a 1 line descrip, file menu always has quit
and so on. Dangerous area though...
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