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Re: [Fwd: Desktop normalization]

>But not all linux installs will use desktops so why make them part of
>the standard-base? If you were creating a standard base for an end-user
>system your argument would make sense, but take into consideration that
>there are alot of servers, enbeded systems, etc. that don't use a
>desktop (or even want one).

At this point I agree with you.
Desktop should not be the part of Linux-Standard-Base.
Many people use Linux as servers and they do not want any desktop at all.
However this does not mean "No desktop standard is required". 
It IS required.

And it IS no less important than LSB.

In fact it may be more important than any other issue.

>Desktops are up to the distributors, they are not part of the standard.

Here, I completely disagree.
There should be standard to stop desktop chaos.
Remember the objective of Open Software:

"To eliminate redundant work."

Can you confidently say that's what currently happening on desktop?
Surely you can't.

I believe that a standard (other than LSB. Let's call it XSB) will reduce
the unnecessary effort put on the desktop game.

>Greg Hayes


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