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[Fwd: Desktop normalization]

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> It's NOT. KDE is ugly as sin.  Following Motif'ish styling clues to create
> an "environment" from which users get the impression of running a "blocky,
> clunky, slow" system.  Even some of KDE's biggest supporters will admit
> that it's "bloated/slow" and the styling is not for everyone.

Oh please. Take this kind of discussion somewhere else.

> If LINUX were to consider KDE it's base, I sware to god, I will go back to
> using IRIX.

OH NO PLEASE DONT!! :) Who cares... the lsb has nothing to to with
desktop related stuff. 


This is not the place for a KDE/Qt flamewar. Your above statement really
puzzels me as I use WM with and a ton of KDE apps. WM is just the
windowmanager of GNUStep as KWM is supplied the windowmanger of KDE.

Greg Hayes

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