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DAMN the reply button

I guess I am use to BeroList. ;-)

Anyhow I will try not to do it again...
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Alan Cox wrote:

OK, you got me on the previous.  I'll look into it more, and take your
word for it now.

> > therefore if: Linux/hardware allowed Serial number on hardware,
> > accessable in OS then: ISV's would LOVE to port to linux because
> > there would be no piracy, and they would have a better/secure
> > sales expectation.
> But for two things.
> 1.      We already do support serial info on hardware that has it (eg sun)
> 2.      Anyone with an hour can 'fix' their serial number on a sun to be
>         what they like under Linux. The fact sun accidentally published
>         their algorithm doesnt help too ;)
> So its tricky to spec. More productive vendors incorporate "handy"
> addons that poll the vendors site weekly when installed and mail the admin
> any upgrade info.

See, now, this IS an issue, that if addressed, would be an awesome boost
for Linux.  I say it should start in the BIOS.  Screw any other hardware
(IMHO, maybe CPU, but BIOS for the sake of discussion).  LINUX should
read (and not "soft" read) a serial number out of the BIOS, and not hold
it in software to be hacked.  BIOS manufacture might be easier to
approach about numbering than CPU manufactures (also making CPU upgrades
a non issue when upgrading a system).  With a static read of a BIOS
serial number, developed from the beginning in LINUX with BIOS
manufactures, linux would have a jump on MS that MS would have to play
serious catch up on, and never really catch up.  Because, it's the *NIX
app ISV's that would be sold on the idea, and they would have a much
easier time porting to linux that MS.

Just a thought.

(feel free to tell me to shut up, I am mostly playing "cetchup" on a lot
of these issues, and have a _LOT_ to learn yet)

PS:  freshmeat editorial schedule is EMPTY... PLEASE... Anyone wanna be
on it?
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