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Re: Future of Linux

Badlandz wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> I think it is unwize at this point to make LSB conserned with X11R6
> standards.  Of course it should/could comply with what X11R6, but I

libX11.so.* is Xlib is X11, as are the X packages. Other stuff like
themed widget sets sit on X11 (ie another library that you can specify
when it settles down) or replace X11 (in which case its another spec)

> Therefore I think LSB should focus on more basic issues like making FHS
> compliant, sysV vs BSD init standards, and libs.

ISV's ship X11 apps, ISV's need to know X11 will just work.

> Compilers are also an issue I feel strongly about.  I think gcc and egcs
> are awsome, but no match (yet) for commercial compilers.

Funny, I think the reverse, so btw do Sega, 3com, cisco to name a few
people ;)

> therefore if: Linux/hardware allowed Serial number on hardware,
> accessable in OS then: ISV's would LOVE to port to linux because
> there would be no piracy, and they would have a better/secure
> sales expectation.

But for two things. 

1.	We already do support serial info on hardware that has it (eg sun)

2.	Anyone with an hour can 'fix' their serial number on a sun to be
	what they like under Linux. The fact sun accidentally published
	their algorithm doesnt help too ;)

So its tricky to spec. More productive vendors incorporate "handy"
addons that poll the vendors site weekly when installed and mail the admin
any upgrade info.

In the meantime of course advertising who has which copy ;)


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