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Help needed


I have just spent several hours paging through the debian/knu websites and 
related sites and cannot find answers to my questions.  

First let me say that free software sounds like a great idea to me!  And it 
seems that any type of program I currently need is available for the os.  I 
would like to change my operating system.


1.  Do I need to be a programmer to use this os and related programs? 

2.  Can I set up the os from dos to run concurrent with Windows?  I currently 
use both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.


3.  Is there a way I can transfer my windows files, such as saved documents 
such as text files and graphics files to use and manipulate in your 

Thankyou, and I apologize for not knowing anything about programming!

Nadine Sabulsky

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