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UNIX 98 (Was: Re: Standard libc...)

I hope noone minds, but seeing as I've already projected myself into the
position, I'm going to declare myself the 'Guy Making Sure That LSB/LCS Is
UNIX 98 Compliant (GMSTLIUC).' If anyone has any questions, comments, or
suggestions about this, please mail me.

For those who are wondering, I will be pouring over the online version of
UNIX 98 in the following days and will try to update Alan's current list
of standard library calls, and may be getting the printed versiono (yeah,
the $290 thingy). Also, I will be in sem-regular contact with The Open
Group, seeing about the legalities and hoops involved in getting Linux
branded UNIX 98. Of course, I'm not suggesting that it be required for
Linux to be branded UNIX 98, since this wouold almost certainly incur
licensing fees for all distributions, but I would like to see about
getting the UNIX 98 test platform and see if it works as a persoonal
project. If it does pass, perhaps this could be used in vendor independent
advertising or such.

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