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Re: Standard libc (Was: Re: Sorry)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Raul Miller wrote:

> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> > Thanks, but you neglected to mention that to get the privilege of reading
> > the document will cost me $290.00!
> Not to mention that the cost of distributing it to the current linux
> user base of between 1 and 6 million is more than the funds SPI has
> available.   Not to mention the cost of distributing it to an ever
> increasing number of new users...

Actually, as was already mentioned, you only have to pay for the bound
version to be sent to you. You can read the actual specification online
for free. Also note that the entire Linux coommunity does not need, nor do
most of them want, to read the UNIX 98 specification. However, IMHO it is
important that the LSB/LCS meets at least this requirement, and so I guess
I'm the only who really has to read the whole thing, and I can tell
everyone else where the holes in the current specs are. So don't worry,
I'll be the only one undergoing this torture. :)

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