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Re: Post-RFC item types

On 06/04/21 20:20,
Zachary Lee Andrews <zcrayfish@gmail.com> put forth the proposition:
> Dave,
> Looks like those are lifted directly from libwww (or Lynx's fork of it).  Is
> anyone maintaining elinks at all right now?

Witold Filipczyk was working in elinks git until a few years ago,
then he decided to make a fork (felinks) and continue his work in
that.  He's been mostly concerned with the web browser side rather
than gopher, and also making it C++ compatible:

Elinks: https://repo.or.cz/w/elinks.git
Felinks: https://github.com/rkd77/elinks

I started patching gopher.c in the original elinks a few years ago,
and made it usable, but I haven't yet sent the patches to Witold for
felinks, or made a PR, as they need updating to work with the latest
felinks commits.

My gopher patches are on the elinks slackbuild page if anyone wants
to try them out (there are a couple of non-gopher too):


You must use `./configure --enable-gopher' or it will always hand off
gopher URIs to lynx (I need to change this default at some point).


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