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Re: Update on Off-Topic Content On This List

 I reflect that the nazis had no sense of humour, this fact was used as a joke very frequently in the spy spoof Get Smart 'zis is Caos ve do not haha here'

Yet , over easter, we see the tables turned,the German with a healthy sense of humour, and someone , paraphrased a little , 'zis is gopher! Ve do not joke here'

Let the fruit of  actions  speak louder than words.

Yet, I think, in all circumstances of life, its never too late to do a 180 and bear good fruit, so to speak , and make amends , and be genuinely welcome. This is what easter is all about.

And now for convienience sake , I found this funny , humourus little cloud app
 May you have fun with it.


From: Hiltjo Posthuma <hiltjo@codemadness.org>
Sent: Sunday, 4 April 2021 8:43 PM
To: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
Cc: gopher-project@other.debian.org <gopher-project@other.debian.org>
Subject: Re: Update on Off-Topic Content On This List
On Sat, Apr 03, 2021 at 09:01:52AM -0500, John Goerzen wrote:
> Hello,
> The conduct of Christoph Lohmann has been reported to the Debian
> listmasters.  They have placed an 8-week ban on him on this list.


For what it's worth I don't agree with this decision.
I think different styles and freedom of _expression_ are important.
Personally I can appreciate some tickling humor.

> I would anticipate similar treatment for any of his sockpuppet accounts or

The term sockpuppet offends me. If it's a joke please read below.

> others engaging in that kind of behavior, or him if he returns to the same
> behavior after his ban.
> If any of you observe other questionable content, please feel free to
> contact me off-list and I can assist with reporting to the listmasters (or
> make the report myself).  I want this to be an ethical and welcoming
> community, and pledge to be an ally to anyone that wants to keep it that
> way.  You may also contact the Debian listmasters directly.

Is there somewhere described what is "observed as questionable content" or is
it up to the taste and possible cultural differences of a Debian person?

> This list is about Gopher and related technologies (Gemini, etc.). It is not
> a forum to advance political, racist, or sexist goals. It is not a forum for
> sharing jokes, particularly un-welcoming ones.

In other words no jokes allowed.

> I have been online long enough to see trolls and other poisonous people use
> the tired "it's just a joke; lighten up" line (and the related ones we've
> seen here lately) many more times than I care to.  I will not fall for it
> and neither will the Debian listmasters.

This sounds like differentiation and ageism and offends me.  I'm online long
enough to see the tired "I'm old and been long online enough, trust me on this
decision". Instead you could actually describe it for what it is. It was
obviously intended as a joke. Which some may dislike, others not (and that's OK
too), you know like in regular life?

What I don't agree with is some person leaping from going from "racist joke" to
racist Christoph person (lie), and even calling all people associated with
bitreich.org as a whole nazi (ridiculous).  If you're going to draw some kind
of line then this should not be allowed either on the list.

But to be honest I rather see this wrong, ridiculous and slightly offensive
unwelcoming opinion, rather than moderating it.

> Free Software is about making the world a better place, about treating all
> humans ethically, about respect for users and developers.  Racism and sexism

No, the goals of Free Software are described here:

Any "terrorist" (which in their mind surely makes the world a better place) is
free to use the software too and also free to share it with their terrorist

> are counter to these goals, and people that are spreading racist or sexist
> material using Free Software communities are no friends to Free Software.
> If you do not understand how your own behavior is harming the cause and are
> open to learning, you may contact me off-list.
> Thanks,
> John

Kind regards,

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