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Re: Update on Off-Topic Content On This List


*** Hiltjo Posthuma [2021-04-04 12:43]:
>For what it's worth I don't agree with this decision.
>I think different styles and freedom of expression are important.
>Personally I can appreciate some tickling humor.

Completely agreed with Hiltjo! I found Christoph Lohmann's post about
GML very funny and even reposted it in my blog: it was one of the best
1st April's jokes that year. Current situation in free software
communities about all that censorship, racism, offence and all that
stuff looks very ridiculous. Literally, as Hiltjo mentioned, any kind
of humor is just prohibited, because *everything* can offence anybody
in any number of ways.

Sergey Matveev (http://www.stargrave.org/)
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