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RE: Stand-alone Gopher Client for Windows

On 26 March 2021 21:31, Bradley D. Thornton wrote:

> "Gopher Browser for Windows" is really nice too:
> http://www.mattowen.co.uk/gopher/gopher-client-browser-for-windows

Thanks for the endorsement :)

I've actually started adding a few more features to it, like a better bookmarking system, and the option of external viewers for different document types. I also want to finish the Gopher+ support (ASK forms etc.).

If anyone has any other ideas or requests for it, please let me know!

There is also "Gopher SERVER for Windows" which is fully working, with support for scripts etc, but I've not released it as I'm not sure there's any demand for it, as people are unlikely to use Windows machines as Gopher servers.



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