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Re: Stand-alone Gopher Client for Windows

On 3/24/2021 7:51 PM, David Meyer wrote:
> What's a good, actively maintained, stand-alone Gopher client for
> Windows 10? I'm interested in either GUI or console applications. (My
> browser-of-choice, Brave, doesn't have an Overbite port.)

"Dooble" is a good browser. Very active development and supports HTTP:

"Gopher Browser for Windows" is really nice too:

"Simple Gopher Client" is available in the Windows Store.

"Elpher" is an excellent Gopher Browser and supports Gemini:

"Lagrange" is a beautiful Gemini client that supports Gopher:

"Geminaut" supports Gopher too:

There's more, but my mom taught me to only lay out a couple of outfits
for my daughter when she was a baby or she'd be there all day trying to
decide which one to wear.

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