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Re: pygopherd in Debian


It looks like active efforts along these lines are happening and being coordinated here:


-- John

On Tue, Nov 17 2020, John Goerzen wrote:

Hi Glenn,

I have basically given up on doing a Python 3 port myself. The PyGopherd test suite uncovered a number of issues in the Python 3 standard library regarding non-UTF8 characters in filenames, particularly in ZIP files, and I don't have the time to workaround them due to various things going on in life this year.

I would welcome someone else to try, though.

You should be able to install Python 2 from outside Debian and have it continue
to work fine, however.



On Tue, Nov 17 2020, Glenn Holmer wrote:

On 11/17/20 8:13 AM, Glenn Holmer wrote:
I notice that pygopherd has been removed from the Debian repo:


Anybody know how to install it? Does the .deb on GitHub run under Python 3?
(I'm running Debian 11 "Bullseye".)


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