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Pituophis 1.1 released

Pituophis 1.1 is now up on GitHub and PyPI. It's a Python library I wrote for doing client and server things. You could run it as a Gophermap, Gophertag and globbing-compliant server as well without too much fuss.

The GitHub repository's at https://github.com/dotcomboom/Pituophis, and includes a bunch of examples, one of which being a graphical client that displays menus in a tree view.

https://github.com/dotcomboom/Gophew is another thing I did using it as a search-enabled indexer/frontend, which is currently running my collective's newly resurrected Gopher server at gopher.somnolescent.net. (A place for Pituophis there is still in the works.)

Let me know what you think.
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