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Re: Gopher over TLS

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 11:41 PM Sean Conner <sean@conman.org> wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Sebastiaan Deckers once stated:
> FWIW, I drafted a spec of Gopher over TLS. Published the server and client
> libraries and deployed them in production.
> https://gitlab.com/commonshost/goth#gopher-over-tls-got-protocol

  Not bad, I like it.  I also would *love* if the existing clients that
attempt TLS over gopher would follow this bit:

        If the TCP/IP socket was successful but the attempt fails without
        receiving a ServerHello message, a GoT client may attempt to connect
        without TLS, treating the connection as plaintext Gopher. This
        failure may be cached for as long as the server's DNS records are

There's at least one client out there (I think it's a web-to-gopher proxy)
that attempts to ust TLS *every damn time* it makes a request and frankly,
I'm close to just outright blocking that IP address.  Once a day (the
current TTL for 'gopher.conman.org') isn't bad, but *every single time* is
just rude (in my opinion).

Well... ehh, this is embarrassing. 🙈 Forgot to implement part of my own spec. It's only caching the probe result for 60 seconds.
So sorry about that! Didn't mean to be a bad Gopher.

  -spc (My other pet peeve of gopher clients is the notion that every
        selector starts with a '/' ... )

TIL. Did you notice that behaviour anywhere specifically? Might need to add some tests to my Gopher repos...

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