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Re: Help with a demo

After a couple hours of messing around I got a System 7.5 emulation working.

Sucks about the dos packet driver's but that's okay.  I'm just going to show how you can use Minuet and some basics...

On Wed, 6 May 2020, 16:40 Cameron Kaiser, <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:
> Also, Anyone out there know about Packet Drivers on DOSBox?

There's basically no support for it. There are some forks of DOSBox that
support NE2000-type NICs but not the mainline. You might get it working with
the serial port support but this would need something on the other end to
provide it with a SLIP or PPP-like connection.

I actually run TurboGopher on QEMU emulating a Power Mac. That pretty much
"just works" using a tun/tap network interface. I use 9.2.2, which works out
of the box.

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