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Re: good gopher article by Cory Doctorow

On Mon, Feb 24 2020, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>> Although my first emails were sent across CompuServe and are completely
>> lost to the mists of time, and my first "native" email client was Pine,
>> I also used Elm for quite some time, and in fact maintained the elm-me+
>> fork for Debian for a few years.
> See the headers on this message ... though the version number is deceptive
> since I've done a lot of hacking on it and never changed it.

Wow, nice!  My MUA path took me via mutt, KMail, and Thunderbird, but I
am now quite happily using mu4e within Emacs.

Side note: the Emacs web browser, eww, does not support gopher://
links.  Must fix that some day...


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