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Re: good gopher article by Cory Doctorow

> > I recompiled elm and took some screenshots for my wife's memorial site
> > <https://www.julieslife.com/more/email>
> > using old mbox files.   Elm influenced the curses client as you can
> > clearly see.
> I'm very sorry for your loss.  What a great way to preserve memories of
> a special person.

I agree!

> Although my first emails were sent across CompuServe and are completely
> lost to the mists of time, and my first "native" email client was Pine,
> I also used Elm for quite some time, and in fact maintained the elm-me+
> fork for Debian for a few years.

See the headers on this message ... though the version number is deceptive
since I've done a lot of hacking on it and never changed it.

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