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updated Overbite Android release candidate

Due to recent changes in Android Q's WebView and dark mode, I have updated
the Overbite Android 0.2.5 release candidate one final time prior to release.
This addresses the icons being "dark" in dark mode and the flashing when
starting the app. It is still compatible down to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
and up to the latest release of 10 (Q). As before, it features

* Still overall same UI, updated to current APIs
* Tap on the address to enter URLs
* Menu moves to floating action button at bottom right
* Dark mode compatible on Android Q devices
* Fixed shortcut management
* Fixed various progress bar, zoom and scale bugs

This update is only to fix OverbiteA for Q and later devices; it does not
(yet) address downloading, and I do not intend to make further changes to
the UI except to address breaking incompatibilities. Assuming I find or
receive reports on no other issues, I plan to make this live after the new
year along with updated source code (it needs Android Studio to build now).


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