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Overbite Android 0.2.5

In the "virtue from necessity" department, Overbite Android has been updated
for Android Q since several of the APIs used in 0.2 are now gone instead of
merely deprecated. Since my Pixel 3 runs Android Q, that means updating it.

- Minimum Android version is now 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Material Design UI
- Even faster thanks to new SDK support
- The app menu has moved to a translucent floating action button
- The title bar has been turned into a location bar and you can type and
  edit the current gopher location; progress bar moved down separately
- Shortcuts now run through the system shortcut manager on Android versions
  supporting it (Pie and Q mostly)
- Various glitches with scroll and zoom settings fixed
- Support for Android Q Dark Mode

This is a beta purely to test functionality; I won't be making other major
UI changes and it still doesn't have downloading yet. This undertaking is
purely to get the current code unbroken on Q.

You can download the test build (secret URL, please don't use directly) from


I will only be taking requests to fix stuff that broke or regressed. Once I'm
satisfied it is largely working, it will go live parallel with 0.2 which will
still be supported (as the two have nearly identical functionality) until I
eventually get around to finishing download support.

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