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Re: Bucktooth server problem downloading files

> > here it is :
> > gopher://galgot.hd.free.fr <gopher://galgot.hd.free.fr>
> > Good to know the maker himself can check :) thanks.
> What are you using for your "inetd" and what version of Perl? Can you
> upload a text file of some length somewhere so I can watch how it streams?
> Your site behaves rather curiously: menus seem to go through but binary
> files get randomly cut off, and OverbiteNX won't connect to it at all
> though the proxy and cURL can connect.

Okay, I've found the issue.

% curl "gopher://galgot.hd.free.fr:70/9/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip";
/home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: 1: /home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: PK: not found
/home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: 2: /home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: ?{a??+?
??'????r??fi??j?#: not found
/home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: 2: /home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: 0EBlackNeXTicons/UX??T??T??EBlackNeXTicons/BlackRoot.tiffUX??Tl?T??=: not found
/home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: 1: /home/galgot/Bucktooth/icons/BlackNeXTicons.zip: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

Notice what's going on here: Bucktooth has treated that file as executable
content. Does it have x bits on it? What happens if you chmod -x that file?

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