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Re: Contacting John Goerzen of Pygopherd

On Fri, Jan 04 2019, David Griffith wrote:

> HTML links in a gophermap file that are deeper within /var/gopher/ aren't 
> served up properly.  Instead I get something like this:
>     3'/if-archive/URL:http://brasslantern.org/beginners' does not exist (no
>     handler found) error.host 1

Hi David,

To be honest, it's been many years since I wrote the gophermap code and
I'm not sure if I even realized it supports HTML links at the time.  A
patch would be most welcome here.  (My time to work on pygopherd is
quite limited at the moment.)

> Check gopher.661.org and look at the Interactive Fiction Archive Mirror.
> Also, pygopherd processes are turning into zombies.  When I start up 
> pygopherd, it's fine.  The instant a gopher browser hits the server, 
> zombie time.

My recollection is that there was something a bit weird about Python
that caused there to be a constant 2ish zombie processes.  If that's
what you see -- the number of zombies remaining constant -- it's nothing
to worry about.  If they are multiplying, then that would require more

- John

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