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Re: Contacting John Goerzen of Pygopherd

My reply is at the bottom.
Please put your reply there too.
On Thu, 3 Jan 2019, John Goerzen wrote:

On Fri, Jan 04 2019, David Griffith wrote:

Does anyone here know how to get in touch with John Goerzen, developer of
Pygopherd?  His email address doesn't seem to work.

Hi David,

I'd be happy to know what's wrong with it :-)

HTML links in a gophermap file that are deeper within /var/gopher/ aren't served up properly. Instead I get something like this:

   3'/if-archive/URL:http://brasslantern.org/beginners' does not exist (no
   handler found) error.host 1

Check gopher.661.org and look at the Interactive Fiction Archive Mirror.

Also, pygopherd processes are turning into zombies. When I start up pygopherd, it's fine. The instant a gopher browser hits the server, zombie time.

David Griffith

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