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Confused about item-type for PDF files

Hi List, 

My gopher server (running gophernicus) has a wide selection of files
but very few are in TXT format: I mainly collect PDFs instead as these
are more easily available.

However, experimenting with a number of clients recently has
highlighted some confusion on my part as to which item-type to use for 
PDF: up until recently I've used "P", and the clients I used seemed to
handle these correctly. If I use the gophernicus-recommended item-type
of "d" (d document file (ps, pdf, doc etc)) it breaks the original UMN
gopher client.

I know that rfc1436 has no mention of PDF format, and that binary files
should be type "9". I anyone else serving PDFs, and if so, which item-
type are you using?

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