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Bitreichcon 2018 is over + recordings online

Greetings comrades.

Bitreichcon 2018 is  over and it was  a success. From the  last one the 
listener numbers have grown. What's relevant for the mailinglist is the 
second day, which was solely about gopher.                              

All recordings and slides have been uploaded


In the  first talk I  described how I see  gopherproject now and  how I 
want to make it better in future. The second talk is where I talk about 
how  to migrate  web information  to gopher.  You even  write your  own 
gopher-web-interface in one slide! Try that  for the web! After that we 
had a panel  discussion on various topics, where  bitreich members have 
started to work. Like I discuss, as said in one post to the mailinglist 
before, how the  gopher search should be done, so  it is different from 
the failure Google did, community-wise.                                 

I hope everyone enjoys it!

My plan  is to  have an equal  timetable layout for  next year.  We are 
currently at deciding, if the con happens in July, August or September. 
You will be noticed further.                                            


Christoph Lohmann

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