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Re: Radiointerview radio-x, German

* Christoph Lohmann <20h@r-36.net> [180813 21:49]:
> Hello,
> On Mon, 13 Aug 2018 21:45:38 +0200 Martin Ebnoether <ventilator@semmel.ch> wrote:
> > > The talk is due to be aired on 2018-08-08. After that all recordings will be
> > > visible. The talk was held in German, so maybe the live talk is only interest-
> > > ing for people who understand German. I am planning a transcription to
> > > English, for bitreich.org.
> > 
> > Please do send the link to the recorded show. I'm very much
> > interested. Both because I run a gopher site and a do a podcast
> > (in swiss german) myself.
> http://absmagazin.de/Members/radio/sendung/abs180808.mp3
> I am working on a transcription to English, which will take a while. If anyone
> else does it, please let me know.

I am at it as you read this.

May you be peaceful, may you live in safety, may you be free from
suffering, and may you live with ease.

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