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Radiointerview radio-x, German

Greeting comrades,

today I had a nice talk with radio-x[0], which is a local radio in Frankfurt
am Main, Germany. It was for the abs-magazine[1].

We were talking about Gopher, why it matters, why it is needed as alternative
to the Web, that there is a growth in Gopher, that there will be brcon next
weekend and we will talk about gopher, what are the clients for gopher. Then
we got to why gopher is so interesting in combination with tor, why gopher
saves resources, why gopher is part of the topic of reusability of tools,
parts and repairability. We talked about federated alternatives, like
mastodon, searx and that there are gopher interfaces for it. For alternative
protocols we showed why IRC is still relevant and how to use it. As side note
I showed our global goal to make things simpler and add fun to everything

I hope you enjoy it! I had fun at it! :)

The talk is due to be aired on 2018-08-08. After that all recordings will be
visible. The talk was held in German, so maybe the live talk is only interest-
ing for people who understand German. I am planning a transcription to
English, for bitreich.org.


Christoph Lohmann

[0] http://www.radiox.de/
[1] http://absmagazin.de/

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