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RE: Nice New List... Still can't Post via Email.

We Do! I would say your post is successful. 😊

My problem was... 

When you post to the list, the Debian mailing-list server does a connect-back to the authoritative mail server for your domain name, in my case that's 'jaruzel.com' for @jaruzel.com. It then tries to validate the sender's address by doing this over SMTP:

 RCPT TO: <jaruzel@jaruzel.com>

My mail server is a home-grown system (for various long winded reasons), but when I built it, I must have missed the bit in the RFC where '<>' is a valid 'MAIL FROM:' address. My mail server barfed, and Debian mailing-list server decided I was a fake address and killed my post. I patched my mail server code to accept '<>' and now it all works wonderfully! A unique case, but very very annoying.


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Let's see if I can. I haven't made a post since the move.

We'll know soon enough, right?

On 12/18/2017 12:04 AM, David Woodfall wrote:
>> In article <20171218073236.GG6992@Blackswan>, dave- 
>> xPu8jYzPS81dsTMtEp03Dg@public.gmane.org says...
>>>> In article
>>>> <CALGqR9+_fnAMay1icHPgZh3+LcB3+1mM6EojgOWJ24DEZn21KQ-JsoAwUIsXosN
>> +BqQ9rBEUg@pub
>>>> lic.gmane.org>,
>>>> prologic@shortcircuit.net.au says...
>>>>> --f403045e9d1c64cb200560982e04
>>>>> HI Matt,
>>>>> It looks like you were able to successfully post to this list 
>>>>> afterall
>> :D
>>>>> cheers
>>>>> James
>>>> I wish!  I'm doing this via NNTP. It's exactly the same issue I had 
>>>> when the list was on it's old home. :(  I get emails of posts, but 
>>>> I can't
>> post
>>>> via email...
>>> Do you get any error when you try to post via email?
>>> What email client are you using?
>>> Also, a bit offtopic, but what is the nntp address?
>> No error, the email just off into the ether, never to be seen again, 
>> and I don't get a post confirmation. I'm using Outlook 2013 into MS 
>> Exchange, my sending email domain is Jaruzel.com, and I send via 
>> smarthost at my ISP.
>> The NNTP server is 'news.gmane.org' and the group name is 
>> 'gmane.network.gopher.general'.
>> -Matt
> All I can think of is that the domain may be flagged in a spam 
> blacklist or something. I guess the list admin will have the answer to 
> that.

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