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Re: [gopher] Announcement - Gopher Browser for Windows v1.1

In article <[🔎] 5901219D.5040005@ankylym.ru>, webmaster-
qQZJmDyNME0vJsYlp49lxw@public.gmane.org says...

>Is gopher+ supported (or planned to be)?

It has limited Gopher+ support. If you are on a site that has Gopher+, the 
bottom right of the window will say 'Gopher+' in green instead of 'Gopher' 
in grey. Then you can right click on any selector to bring up the 
properties dialog, and the Details button will show you some Gopher+ info. 

I did plan to add more Gopher+ support, but during my extensive testing, I 
only found a handful of Gopher+ sites, so didn't bother.

If we feel it's worth working on, I'll happily add full support.


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