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[gopher] Announcement - Gopher Browser for Windows v1.1

Hi all,

I am proud to announce the release of Gopher Browser for Windows v1.1

Gopher Browser for Windows is a simple Gopher Client that follows the UI 
motif of a Web Browser to navigate Gopher sites easily. 

You can look at some screenshots and download it here:


It can integrate directly into Windows, and has full support for the 
gopher:// URL handler - so your preferred Web Browser will pass those 
links to Gopher Browser automatically when you click on them in web 
pages, for a seamless experience. 

It is a complete product, and has been heavily tested for bugs, however 
this is my first time sharing it with a wider community so if you 
encounter any problems please let me know! 

Additionally if you have any suggestions for improvements or new feature 
requests, please also let me know as I am keen to make this the de-facto 
Windows Client for Gopher if possible.


Matt (Jaruzel)

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