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[gopher] Need a little help from one of the folks at sdf...

Hey I've been unable to actually do more than merely log into my account over at sdf for quite some time.

At one point I believe I was told that it was an issue that would be taken care of, but that's been a while and I'm still just getting logged off whenever I try to login. The message I receive is that an update that will take 2 to 3 mins will run and then simply log on after that, but for me it just places me in that same loop, and now I'd like to see if I can get a server admin to help out with correcting the issue w/o having to blast my old 6yr standing account away and just help me to get back into the fold.

IIRC, I first became a member way back in the late eighties or early nineties in college, and I realize that account was probably scrubbed a couple of decades ago but this current one goes back to 2011, and being the nostalgic person I am, I figure that, and would hope that, it can be retained.

Here's some screenies showing what I'm seeing and what happens whenever I log into my existing account:




Anyway, I'm going to post over on chan #helpdesk at sdf and our chan #gopherproject on freenode, but any assistance I can get in this regard from one of the three avenues would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, one more thing...

Is there a URI or faq that explains how to connect via SSH to irc.sdf.org? There's nothing mentioned about it at http://sdf.org/?tutorials/irssi-auto and the server just refuses the connection on port 6697 when I try.

Kindest regards,


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