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Re: [gopher] Questions about the UMN gopher client


@Kacper  Thank you very much! Yes, now I understand and I can access both, the resources with "w" and the menus under a selector with "o".

@Cameron  Thank you for the info! I guess I will email John directly sometimes. I like Lynx and use it everyday for web browsing in the command line, but for some strange reason I have not been able to make Lynx to work with UTF-8 correctly in gopher when the client is installed on ARM (Raspberry Pi). Lynx displays UTF-8 in gopher correctly only when installed on my non-ARM Linux boxes (AMD, Intel). The old UMN gopher client does display UTF-8 correctly regardless the architecture. I guess the problem is somewhere in the combination of Lynx + ARM + Gopher. Also, the UMN client allows me to go directly to an item in a directory by entering its number and hitting Enter. With Lynx I have to go through all the items 1 by 1... but yes, Lynx is "sexier" than UMN client.



2016-05-28 14:55 GMT-04:00 Kacper Gutowski <mwgamera@gmail.com>:
On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 8:18 PM, Héctor Abreu wrote:
> For example, if I try to connect directly to the following link:
> gopher://gopher.floodgap.com:70/0/gopher/relevance.txt
> The "Connect to a new Gopher Server" window will take me to that server if I
> leave Selector blank, but if I want to go directly to the mentioned document
> it will not connect me but will tell me that the resource can not be found.
> I tried by filling out Selector with /0/gopher/relevance.txt  or
> 0/gopher/relevance.txt  or  /gopher/relevance.txt and other combinations
> without success.

Notice that this window has no place to provide the type of a
resource.  It's not supposed to be used to retrieve arbitrary
resources but to switch to another server.  The client blindly
expects server to return a gopher menu under the selector you
give it there.  Since the text document actually returned can't
be parsed as such, it just gives you an error.  Perhaps the
wording could be better, but "nothing available" simply means
there were zero items found in the menu.

To navigate to arbitrary resource, you can press "w" rather than
"o" and it will then prompt you to type an URL which contains the
type as part of its path as usual.


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