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[gopher] Questions about the UMN gopher client


I am using the UMN gopher client that comes with Debian, Raspbian and Lubuntu distros and tried to contact the email address it shows on its help page (gopher@complete.org) but it is bouncing my messages. I just have a question about the "Connect to a new Gopher Server" window's Selector fiel d, since it won't connect me to any gopher server unless I leave blank that window. For example, if I try to connect directly to the following link:


The "Connect to a new Gopher Server" window will take me to that server if I leave Selector blank, but if I want to go directly to the mentioned document it will not connect me but will tell me that the resource can not be found. I tried by filling out Selector with /0/gopher/relevance.txt  or  0/gopher/relevance.txt  or  /gopher/relevance.txt and other combinations without success.

I find this old client very interesting and practical for the command line, but since very few people talk about it in this list I was even wondering if the UMN gopher  client is still maintained today.

Thank you in advance for any info.



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