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Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

There are many FOSS apps in the Play Store, some even charge moolha.  According to the GPL, you can, and are infact encouraged to sell your open source programs.  My first app in the Play Store, is fully GPL and open source, however, I do charge a mere buck for it.

Don't worry about the the gopher client in the Play Store, it will be free, and of course open source.  My first app in the store even links to the BitBucket page which contains it's full source.

Although I wish there were more FOSS apps in the Play Store, nothing is in Google's TOS says you cannot distribute FOSS software.

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Subject:Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

On 13 May 2016, at 03:23, Bradley D. Thornton <Bradley@NorthTech.US> wrote:

And of course I wanted to suggest (request) again, that in the FOSS spirit, that it also be made available at:


Going slightly further, I never ever use the Play Store even if my life would depend on it and only install apps from F-Droid or other third-party repositories. I don't even understand why FOSS apps would want to put themselves into the Play Store in the first place....

- Kim
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