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Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

On 5/11/2016 6:08 PM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
Thank you Cameron for your blessings. My Google Play development account is
already set-up and the support link and email for my Dev account is set to
an @veroneau.net email address. __So no worries there. __I will keep the
source available for my forked version as well.

Everyone else: __I should have a version uploaded into the Play Store
sometime this weekend, and will announce it's availability on this mailing
list thread.
I hadn't seen an announcement on this, but I wanted to note that it shouldn't
be named Overbite Android, since I still do intend(tm) to do further work
on it on the future once I actually have free cycles.

And of course I wanted to suggest (request) again, that in the FOSS spirit, that it also be made available at:


F-Droid is typically where I make my final search for any Android apps and if it exists there (and is maintained to a relatively current version of the respective apps) I install that version instead of the one at the Google Play Store.

Looking forward to this, and also, what it's going to be called hehehe... snaggletooth? (kidding).

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