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Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

On 4/29/2016 3:31 PM, Kevin Veroneau wrote:
Thank you Cameron for your blessings.  My Google Play development account is already set-up and the support link and email for my Dev account is set to an @veroneau.net email address.  So no worries there.  I will keep the source available for my forked version as well.

Everyone else:  I should have a version uploaded into the Play Store sometime this weekend, and will announce it's availability on this mailing list thread.

Hey Kevin, thanks for stepping up to maintain the fork in the Google Play store, but in keeping with the spirit of FOSS, please do also make it available at fdroid.org as well :)

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Sent:April 29, 2016 4:23 PM
Subject:Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

     I did a search in the Play Store for Overbite and there were no app
results.  I recently created a Dev account for the Play Store, and am
wondering if anybody would be opposed of me uploading Overbite for
Android into the Play Store?  It would be free and ad-free of course.
I think this is a great I idea. I make me no illusions that this will
result in a massive new influx of new gopher users. But it will increase
the potential exposure to "Gopher" and just be more easy to install it.

If you would work on the app I have a feature request; a bookmark function.
It's open source under BSD, so there are no restrictions. However, speaking
as the author, if you decide to do this, please note in the description that
this is a fork that you maintain, since I don't want to receive bug reports
about a modified version I don't supervise.

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