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Re: [gopher] Motsognir gopher server v1.0.7

On 12/07/2015 19:55, Kim Holviala wrote:
Yep, I think that was it - the date matches my git commit:

commit 6e9f108ac19d1791e4fa4a5e9f95bc4c730703b3
Date:   Sun Jan 4 08:42:11 2015 +0200

     Added ServerDefaultEncoding to automatic caps.txt

Nice. Yet I was one day faster with mine :)

"added the ServerDefaultCharset CAPS token"

But you were obviously faster to release the end product to masses -- so a day later I see that I adapted Motsognir to your grammar:

renamed the 'ServerDefaultCharset' CAPS token to 'ServerDefaultEncoding'

I’m willing to change that if needed, but to be honest both of the above
are just fine.

Let's just stay with the current thing, it sounds good enough. It's not something any user is supposed to see anyway, so it could just as well be called "xyz" (actually that one would be far more space efficient!)

Mine’s better, though :D

I'd say that "Charset" is more explicit that "Encoding", since the latter can mean different things in different contexts, while a "charset" is a pretty obvious thing (think "codepage"). But anyway, the implementations are out there, let's not touch them anymore to avoid unnecessary confusion. :)


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