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Re: [gopher] Motsognir gopher server v1.0.7

On 12 Jul 2015, at 20:39, Mateusz Viste <mateusz@viste.fr> wrote:

On 12/07/2015 17:06, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
  - New CAPS token: 'ServerDefaultEncoding',

What is the value set for this?

I think it all started with my question/suggestion on the list, in late 2014:


Yep, I think that was it - the date matches my git commit:

commit 6e9f108ac19d1791e4fa4a5e9f95bc4c730703b3
Author: Kim Holviala <kim@holviala.com>
Date:   Sun Jan 4 08:42:11 2015 +0200

    Added ServerDefaultEncoding to automatic caps.txt

I actually implemented it in Motsognir back then as "ServerDefaultCharset", but haven't released publicly. Then, Kim implemented a slightly different variant named "ServerDefaultEncoding", so I adapted Motsognir to avoid having too many different gopher implementations in the wild.

I’m willing to change that if needed, but to be honest both of the above are just fine.

Mine’s better, though :D

Personally I use "UTF-8" as the value (as is Kim, apparently). I think a good rule would be to expect the same things that can be present in a content-encoding 'charset' HTTP header.

My install of Gophernicus has been configured to convert all text to US-ASCII on the fly so the client should never see anything else - hence my use of US-ASCII as the default encoding in caps.txt.

- Kim

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