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Re: [gopher] Question

On 14/02/2015 17:44, NN NN wrote:
does Gopher have any use nowadays?

Depends what you are asking exactly. If you mean 'mainstream use', then no, gopher is a dead technology.

If you mean 'any possible niche use', then sure - look around on the gopherspace, there are many of us doing stuff with gopher. ~150 gopher servers are running worldwide as of today.

What about HTTP, I think that the main advantage of HTTP is that due to it CSS, Javascript,Flash etc. appeared.

These work just as well in Gopher. HTTP and Gopher are protocols, while html/css/javascript/flash are script or file formats (of course how many gopher clients support css/flash/etc is a totally different question).

It's somewhat like saying "usb pendrives are good, because I can store my spreadsheet files on them" - you could just as well store them on a floppy or a CD. Same story with Gopher vs HTTP.


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