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Re: [gopher] This game I have been working on might be of interest to Gopherites...

Hmm, so it seems that Kmail is very weird when pasting in actual links. So I will repost the Links here, because if you click any of the text, you will get to a page you can't get to...








I swear I disabled HTML mail sending entirely from my KMail... Looks like I'll have to look into that. I personally hate HTML mail.


On February 11, 2015 08:34:00 AM Kevin Veroneau wrote:

> Unfortunately I didn't have much time over the past few days to update the

> website CSS, however the game is accessible over a standard telnet

> connection. I also recently found out that the Windows telnet client(at

> least on XP) doesn't work very well. So, I am giving out some Beta codes

> here so that people can test out Telnet clients and let me know which ones

> fair better. Last night I updated the telnet protocol to use

> char-at-a-time, rather than use LINEMODE. Check out my Gopherholes

> Library/RFC documents for info on what I mean if your curious.


> Anyways, I managed to get ConnectBot to finally work with my Telnet server,

> so if you have an Android device at all, install ConnectBot and connect to

> hackers-edge.com:1337 using it's Telnet protocol.


> These beta codes are one-time use codes, so please don't redeem them unless

> you truly want to help out with some initial testing. While the base

> infrastrure is in place, there isn't yet any actual *gameplay*. You can

> connect to other in-game hosts, browse their files, check and send email,

> etc... Also, all in-game chat commands should be working, so you can join

> the public channel and talk with anybody else who might be online at the

> same time. The codes are:



> 6TA64


> Once you create an account, you will see a basic entry form on your account

> page. Enter in the code to redeem and enable your account. Once your

> account is enabled, you will then be-able to create a new character to

> play in the game as. You can view this document here to learn more about

> character creation:


> http://www.hackers-edge.com/HelpCenter/tutorials/first-steps-creating-

> character.html


> There are a few other tutorials there as well that might be helpful. I

> have also posted more updates yesterday on my Development Diary located

> here:


> http://www.hackers-edge.com/Forums/devblog


> Once you redeem the code, you will have access to post in the closed beta

> forum located here:


> http://www.hackers-edge.com/Forums/closed-beta


> Please let me know what you think of the current game engine so far,

> tonight I should be adding more features which will be provided directly

> on the message of the day(the message you see when you log into the game).


> On February 9, 2015 12:50:33 PM James Mills wrote:

> > On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 1:08 AM, Kevin Veroneau <kevin@veroneau.net> wrote:

> > > Thank you for the great suggestion. I will have the font size updated

> > > after work today.

> >

> > It's not the size that's at issue IHMO

> > it's the broken lines :)

> >

> > cheers

> > James

> >

> >

> > James Mills / prologic

> >

> > E: prologic@shortcircuit.net.au

> > W: prologic.shortcircuit.net.au


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